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Environment, Social, And Governance

We believe travel is a force for good and are committed to powering progress in three key ways: environmental, social and economic.

Read our latest Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) report to learn more.

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Powering Progress 2022: Key Highlights from Our ESG Report

Our ESG programs are at the core of our business, shaping everything from our partnerships to our solutions. In our 2022 report, you’ll journey through our priorities and progress with a focus on key achievements like these.

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ESG Focal Points

Bold Commitments

We are committed to making the future of work an opportunity for all, moving people when it matters most and leading the industry toward sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Learn how we transformed those ideas into action.

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The pressing need for climate action was a call to us to step up decarbonization efforts. From supporting clients with their environmental ambitions to driving investment in SAF, we helped pave the way toward net zero by 2050.

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By collaborating with Miles4Migrants and Welcome.US, we helped transport thousands of Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. Find out about more of our social achievements, including our work on DE&I and supporting women in travel.

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2022 was the year we went public and we welcomed the increased responsibility that’s involved. In our governance section, dive deep into our compliance and risk framework and how it strengthens our business.

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Our Shared Values

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and business ethics within our business, across our partner network, and throughout our supply chain.

Modern Slavery Statement

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain or in any part of our business.

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Code of Conduct

We hold ourselves and our company to the highest legal, ethical and moral standards.

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Shared Values on ESG

We hold our business partners to the highest standards of conduct with respect to compliance with all applicable laws and the prioritization of inclusion and sustainability.

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Shared Values on Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption

We prohibit bribery of any kind and have adopted a zero tolerance policy for bribery in all operations and activities.

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Fueling the Way Forward with SAF

Together, Amex GBT and Shell will provide companies with access to Sustainable Aviation Fuel, a leading clean energy fuel alternative.


American Express Global Business Travel champions travel as a force for good. We have a responsibility to support environmental, social, and governance initiatives, from decarbonizing travel to building a truly inclusive and diverse workforce to developing industry-leading products and platforms and risk and compliance programs.

Preferred Supplier Program

We believe in purchasing with purpose, which means strategically spending our resources in a way that benefits our business, society, and the environment. This commitment extends to our supply chain practices so that we choose the right business partners and suppliers who conduct business ethically and transparently. Suppliers that have distinguished themselves in committing to our shared values while also performing in excellence are awarded GBT’s highest level of distinction as a GBT Preferred Supplier.

Sustainable Sourcing & Supplier Diversity

Are you ready to do business with American Express Global Business Travel? Registering as an ESG & DE&I supplier with GBT doesn’t automatically make you an approved supplier – it lets us know that you’re interested in partnering with us to provide services.

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