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Neo Technology Group

Discover more about KDS, an American Express Global Business Travel company, and the value we create through our innovative technology solutions.

Who We are

The Neo Technology Group (NTG) is a technology-focused team building industry-leading and award-winning cloud-based solutions for the modern business traveler. We began as KDS in 1994, and since 2016 we have been a part of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT), the world’s largest Travel Management Company (TMC).

Our mission is to build, sell and support the best-in-class e-commerce and digital platforms that power the unrivaled traveler experience and most valuable business travel marketplace in the world. We are helping shape the future of business travel through innovative and leading technology.

Our Solutions

Over the last 20 years, TMCs have helped enterprises transform their investment in business travel into drivers for growth. As companies became more digital, so did business travel. Today, travelers expect to book travel online in a few minutes, and companies expect their business systems to handle the travel process digitally from end-to-end.

Since, 2015, GBT has invested over $600 million in technology to meet those needs since 2015 and now has the most extensive set of travel data in the industry to power an open, world-class technology stack. The company continues to invest, with NTG at the helm of its digital and e-commerce solutions.

At the heart of business travel is an almost infinite choice of air, lodging, and ground transport options that travelers need to get from point A to point B. SMP helps provide the details necessary for booking these options in a user-friendly digital booking experience.


SMP is a backend solution that connects this vast content to different points of sale. It is a global, cloud-native platform that sits behind various client-facing platforms, such as self-serve Online Booking Tools (OBT) and travel agent booking tools. It serves up rich data on hotel and air travel content from different sources, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), online travel aggregators (i.e. Expedia…), and directly from hotels and airlines.


SMP is an industry-leading platform. It is setting the standard for advanced B2B solutions using machine learning to continuously enrich the content it serves up and its cutting-edge algorithms to provide outstanding performances. SMP is a critical driver in GBT’s strategy for providing the best travel marketplace in the industry.

Neo streamlines the entire business travel and expense management process. It allows travelers to book their business trips in compliance with their company’s policy, submit their expense reports either on-the-go or when they return. Within the same tool, supervisors can review and approve submitted trips and expense reports. Finance teams also gain closer insight into their travel programs and can optimize their costs.


By incorporating B2C behaviors into B2B solutions, Neo teams are breaking the mold of traditional booking tools. With a focus on usability, sustainability and back-end systems, Neo developers continuously improve the experience for millions of active users across the globe.1 Neo has set the standard for maintaining unrivaled platform availability and scalability, while incorporating sustainability-related features throughout the booking experience.


As one of the business travel industry’s most comprehensive and sophisticated Online Booking Tools (OBT), Neo simplifies travel management for companies of all sizes. Its industry-leading, user-friendly solution with highly customizable content and configuration is the flagship product of GBT’s range of e-commerce and digital solutions.

1 Internal GBT reporting

Neo1 allows small to medium-sized (SME) companies to manage all employee spend in one place, from setting budgets to purchasing travel and office supplies, logging mileage claims, through to spend reconciliation and reporting.


It is an online self-registration spend-management tool. It was designed as an open solution to easily connect with the leading SME-focused technology platforms (i.e., finance systems, collaboration tools, and procurement), helping to reduce friction to keep businesses running smoothly. The Neo1 team at GBT are forever pushing the boundaries of development agility, delivering a rapide, consistent schedule of feature-rich releases, all while balancing quality and maintaining compliance standards.


With Neo1, GBT can offer small businesses the same cutting-edge spend management and travel services enjoyed by larger companies.

Live travel assistance, up-to-the-minute updates, and the powerful backing of American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) help take the stress out of travel. The Amex GBT Mobile app empowers travelers to manage their itinerary by giving them a way to manage every aspect of their trip from their phone smoothly.


The Mobile app strategy is driven by a passion for the end-to-end B2B2C nature of our users, catering to both Corporate Traveler and Travel Manager needs. The Amex GBT Mobile app is a global Android and iOS application, supported in 6 languages (15 soon) that is brought to life with several integrations providing a differentiated offering that cannot be matched elsewhere.


Corporate travelers are looking for consumer-grade solutions for their business travel needs. Our proprietary on-the-go digital channel that helps travelers efficiently manage all parts of their trip from a single location is a fundamental offering for our business as a travel management company.

Our Locations

Headquartered in France, the Neo Technology Group also has employees in the United Kingdom, Germany, and USA.

About Our Solutions