On The Prowl in Becoming a Successful Artist

Definitely the main skill to have if you need to become successful with anything, is ATTITUDE. A great old Chinese proverb once said, “90% of the journey towards success is over when you have stepped exterior your front door. inches The main reason many people are unsuccessful, happens because they’d rather stay in watching the TELEVISION SET.

Of course, that very first step outside is a philosophical one. While a musician or composer, you spend the huge majority of your time and efforts being creative. If you feel that writing a great music, or playing an tool well, is the toughest part to be a successful artist, you are incorrect.

Despite all the abilities you need to know and perfect in order to make your music glow, these pale into insignificance compared with hard work and other skills you will need to learn as a way to record, market promote your art efficiently.

Fortunately, most creative people also seem to be to surpass at other activities. The term “Jack of all trades” could quite easily apply to most musicians or artists. All things considered, the essential thing most artists have to learn, is where to find time for their art whilst working a home AND working a Day Job in order to pay the bills! It is therefore not unusual to find musicians who are also Physicists, Engineers, IT Pros or Teachers, to name but a few.

Many of these people are quite happy to keep music as a hobby, at least whilst taking up a household. However, we all get to a stage in our lives (usually once the kids have grown up and left home), where we want to cease working for a “Living”, and instead, work for our “Satisfaction”.

There are few things in life more satisfying than being adored for something we created. If our creations also manage to influence others, then it is even more rewarding.

This “first step outside your entry door” is taken when you decide to stop from the creative aspect (the ideas), and take a positive step towards learning new skills, or employing others who can do those activities for you.

There has never recently been an improved time in a history of mankind, to take those steps, either by yourself, or with others who would help you