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Simas jeremy scott shoes saw how her generation valued creativity and alternative lifestyles. After careful reading and research, Simas learned it was a population issue. Generation X is relatively small, especially when compared with baby boomers. She says our supply and demand society is drawn to numbers, which is why Gen X members have either been passed over or squeezed out of opportunities. Simas believes more than other generations, Generation X has had to carve its own existence, which is why its outlook toward work is so different. Simas says her piece is almost equal parts dance, music and original video. It's how she usually works but in this case it's also a nod to the Gen X desire for multiple levels of stimulation. Some of the dance scenes, as Simas refers to them, allude to the forces and events that shaped the Gen X outlook, from the Reagan era and adidas shoes uk the nuclear arms race to aids. Other scenes are pulled from her own life. The music she grew up with runs through adidas wingsthe entire show. One scene was inspired by an Andy Warhol quote, in which he said he would rather be a tap dancer than a painter.

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