Benefits that you have not thought

Loving has great effects on the physical, emotional, economic, sexual and spiritual, at least that scientists say. Although marriage as an institution has suffered from social changes in recent decades with online dating, researchers studies show that the benefits of marriage are still important to the welfare of each individual.

Thus, marriage is not just a private relationship, but also a social reality that enriches the lives of every man and give meaning and purpose, which play an important role in spiritual and physical health of the individual. Through marriage and family, develop a sense of belonging and satisfy human needs of love, trust, fidelity, loyalty, long-term commitment, support, etc..

Here are some advantages to dating that you would not have thought of:

Longer life and better health
One of the benefits is the fact that dating married people, both men and women live longer and are healthier than themselves. A married person shows a lower rate of mortality, have healthier habits and enjoy a media that has a beneficial role immunity system.

Mental health and emotional balance
Among the advantages of marriage is the fact that men and married women experiencing less depression, anxiety and other problems of this type. Level of happiness increases with decreases in case of marriage and divorce. The latter is especially destructive to women's health. They become depressed and hostile, have lower self-esteem and personal development are in smaller steps than is the case with men.

Sex among major matrimonial advantages
The benefits of marriage are closely related to sex. Part of married people have more sex than single. In addition, they enjoy sex more than the parties themselves. A married couple, sex costs less in time, money or physical energy. Satisfaction comes from the fact that sex within marriage is seen as a symbol of unity, ie loyalty, dedication, emotional intimacy, etc..

Benefits marital and financial status
Married people have more money and are able to do more things with them: earnings can grow, are savings to invest more in family control is one of the partners tend to overspend so.

The advantages of marriage and children enjoy
Studies show that intact families with two parents, are the perfect environment to raise children. Those who have two parents do better in school and have fewer risks of entering into a bad environment, to become parents prematurely, to be abused, to develop depression etc.

Marriage and job
The advantages include marriage and chances of getting a job. In some areas it is advisable to be married to such a status is seen as a cue for the candidate, on maturity, responsibility, his place in society.

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