Five Online Recruiting Methods Guaranteed to Get You Results

For most employers, especially small business owners without a dedicated HR department, online recruiting has become their main source for finding qualified candidates. But where to start? With so many online options available today and with so many sales reps from online recruiting companies trying to get you to sign up for their program, how do you really know which online recruiting method or internet site is right for you?

The problem of “where” to look for your best candidates is usually rooted in the problem of not knowing exactly “who” you are looking for. Before you can even begin to select the appropriate recruiting method, online or otherwise, you need to clearly identify the type of person that you are looking for and then narrow down the places that they’re most likely to see your ad. Knowing how to properly target your job ad is critical in capturing the attention of your best possible candidates. Carefully placing your ad is even more important if you’re on a budget, and who isn’t? You don’t want to waste time and money putting expensive ads everywhere that won’t reach your target audience.

Once you know the “who”, the “where” starts to narrow itself down. Here are 5 online recruiting methods that will get you the candidates that you’re looking for.

Online Recruiting Method #1 – Use your website for recruiting new hires. Just like your organization’s website is often the first impression you make on a potential client, your Career Opportunities page is often a potential employee’s first look at what you have to offer. Make it count. Create a website that markets your organization as an Employer of Choice in much the same way you would use your website to market your products and services. Remember to speak in terms of benefits not features and explain the advantages to your potential employee of choosing your organization over another. You can even Include pictures (even videos) of the people in your organization working and playing. Add testimonials from your current employees about how they enjoy being a part of your organization. These will work just like your client testimonials in your marketing material.

Unfortunately, most small and medium-sized businesses usually have their careers or job opportunities page buried too deeply within their site and the candidate needs to go to a lot of effort to find it and apply for a position.

Online Recruiting Method #2 – Post job listings on professional association websites to find new employees. There are guilds, groups, associations and networking affiliations for everything from architects to zoologists so with a little investigation and a few keyword Google searches you can find any number of websites catering to your target employee. Better yet, if you find local chapter websites for these national sites, post a job listing on these.

You can also use the information on these sites to research salary ranges, typical job descriptions, benefits programs and educational requirements. This information will help you offer the best possible work experience for your new hire.

Online Recruiting Method #3 – Career Services websites like Monster, Workopolis and TheLadders, are excellent places to post job listings. Again though, keep in mind who you are trying to attract. Some Career Services cater to specific industries, professions and experience and salary levels. Finding a Career Services site that targets your industry or niche will greatly increase your odds of getting noticed by the right candidates. And you can often “try-before-you-buy” at these sites as well so take advantage of this kind of offer. If you can, have a look at some of the resumes that they have on file to be sure that they’ll match your needs.

Online Recruiting Method #4 – If you need to hire someone with a degree or other higher level education, then have a look at college, university and alumni association websites. These sites often have career sections in their websites for both new grads as well as their experienced alumni. You could also supplement this type of online recruiting technique by presenting at their job fairs and career days activities.

Online Recruiting Method #5 – And finally, don’t forget the Social Networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. These types of sites are becoming increasingly popular for both employees and employers looking to hook up. Both of these sites also offer opportunities for you to create a second online presence for your company in addition to your regular website. Take advantage of this secondary web presence to emphasize the many and varied career opportunities available with your company and begin creating that pool of qualified candidates that your business will need to grow.

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