Partnering With a Career Agent A Lifetime of Benefits

Are you a victim of this unprecedented economy, with record high unemployment rates? Are you currently working in a position that does not offer the professional and personal growth you were promised when you on-boarded? Do you feel like it’s time to begin seeking a new employment opportunity, so that your career goals remain on track? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions posed, it may be time for you to consider partnering with a Career Agent.

What exactly is a Career Agent, and how do you connect with the best in the field? Simply described, a Career Agent is a Recruiting Specialist who focuses only on working with clients and job candidates in your industry. For example, if you are involved in Executive Nurse Management, you would want to seek out a Recruiter who targets matching medical facilities with people in your field of expertise. While there are generalists who recruit and place professionals across all industries and professions, it is important to work specifically with the Career Agent who is going to be able to present you with multiple opportunities, and provide you with the coaching and support that will exponentially increase your chances of receiving job offers.

Why would any professional choose to work with a Recruiting Specialist, versus simply performing a job search on their own? Browsing the web, reviewing help wanted ads, networking, creating and revising resumes, writing personalized cover letters, submitting applications, interview preparation, setting up interviews, following up with hiring managers, offer negotiations, and going through a resignation all are very time-consuming tasks associated with the job search process. While it is very possible to handle an employment search at the entry-level, it becomes more cumbersome from mid-level positions through executive management. Working with a Career Agent ensures that your best interests are addressed throughout the process, and enables you to consistently have a higher overall earning potential.

Here are some basic tips for finding and working with a Recruiting Specialist:

Social networking websites like LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to locate Recruiters in your field.
Call the Recruiter directly, to discuss how they can assist you. Just like in any industry, some Recruiters are better than others, and this is often apparent when you discuss your prospective business relationship.
Understand that in most cases, the Career Agent or Recruiter is paid by the employer when they successfully place you in a job. In essence, they are representing you at no charge. If a Recruiter tells you they want money up front from you – continue comparison shopping.
Your Recruiter should be available when you need them, during business hours. When you leave a message, you should expect to receive a call-back within a reasonable amount of time.
Any good Recruiter will ask you to provide them with a list of companies you want them to target on your behalf. This is one of the ways you have access to unadvertised jobs through a Career Agent.
The Recruiting Specialist you work with should be communicating with you on a regular basis. Their goal is to represent you, not only for the particular job change you are currently involved with, but over the course of your professional life.
Working with a Recruiter who specializes in your field can greatly increase your chances of receiving the quality job offers you are seeking. While it’s possible to accomplish finding a new employment opportunity on your own, this can be a time consuming task that may not provide the desired results. Seeking out a Recruiting Specialist ensures your career is kept on track, and that you have the personal and professional representation necessary to remain competitive in today’s job market. Keep your competitive edge over the course of your professional life – partner with a Career Agent today.

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