Resume Headings The Correct Information Formatted Correctly

“It’s a Job seeking jungle out there…don’t botch your chances with incorrect resume headings and info!”

Resume headings are cause to some of the most common mistakes made on resumes.

When composing your resume understand that the headings you use and the way you use them will play a vital role in establishing your firs impression as either positive or negative.Using these resume heading tips will set you apart and ensure that your first impression is one worth remembering.

It goes without saying that the most prominent item on your resume is your name and contact information. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to emphasize your name in some fancy font. The employer might use different software and your resume formatting might show up differently on their screen. Keep it simple and easy to read by using standard fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Point size 14 or 16 are large enough for your name, other headings should not go over 10 or 12 point.

Your mailing address should contain your email address, and a phone number where you can be reached. Use your physical mailing address over a P.O. mailing address if at all possible. Don’t make the mistake of including your email address at your current place of employment. A tip on listing your email address: Include your name in your email address, this is far more professional and speaks volumes as far as forethought and planning go. There are many places you can set up a free email like this (Yahoo email account) While you’re at it you might as well set one up to receive mail from your job search efforts.

Be sure to list at least one phone number, and indicate whether it is your home or cellnumber. You can list your address to your website but, be doubly sure that the content on your site is not of a too personal nature.

Both the chronological and functional resumes need to be separated by headings. This is where the saying “Less is More” comes into it’s own.

Include The Following Titles On A Chronological Resume.

* career objective
* professional summary
* professional experience/work
* experince/experiences
* pubkicarions/special
* achievements/(if any)
* qualifications/skills
* references/portfolio

Include The Following Titles On A Functional Resume.

By nature the functional resume headings will depend on the skills you are wanting to highlight. However, the following must be included:

* Career objective
* education
* Professional skill/professional qualifications (here you would include sub-headings related to specific qualifications that you are highlighting, like customer relations, communications, work experience and management etc.)
* work experience/work history (stick to the dates, titles, companies and locations – don’t list respnsibilities.)
* Volunteer work (if any)
* References

Remember to stick to the basics, don’t get fancy with the fonts and layout in order to try and stand out. The only thing you will achieve is “standing out” as un-professional and childish. A professional clean, sleek and error free resume will get your foot in the the door which means you are one step closer to getting the job you want.

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