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The North Star for Energy, Mining, and Marine

Experience automated mass travel bookings and bulk crew rotation solutions.

Empower your travel managers to lower travel program costs, overcome unexpected disruptions, and improve travesler care with proprietary, in-house technologies from American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT).

Travel managers can do more with less, work faster, and reduce travel costs.
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Our clients have been able to cut booking time from 5 minutes to 5 seconds.
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Travel optimisation happens via APIs and your pre-existing systems.
1 Travel management report: Energy, mining & marine, American Express Global Business Travel, 2023

Discover capabilities built for your business and your travellers.

Jens Frederiksen, Director of Service Delivery, Amex GBT

"During a storm, crisis, or emergency, we can see where someone is located and react immediately. We can prioritise who we need to contact first on behalf of a client. We don’t just leave it up to software that doesn’t give you choices."

Chris Andony, Director of Mining and Resources, Australia, Amex GBT

Our director of mining and resources commercial, reveals how travel experts, combined with robust technology, can be used to develop best-fit solutions for complex regional crew arrangements and VIP travel in Asia Pacific.

Anne-Merete Ask, Service Director Energy, Marine, and Mining - Norway, Amex GBT

“There is a way forward for more efficient travel in support of long-term objectives. This is where our technologies can help energy and marine companies realise more value in their travel management."

Rachel van Raalte, Strategic Sales Manager, Amex GBT

In this video, see first-hand how Amex GBT works closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions with the customisation and personalisation necessary for this sector to succeed.

Discover a unique blend of technology and expertise that delivers reach, refinement, and results.

Learn more about automated mass booking solutions and crew rotation

“Our solutions are completely customised and enable clients to handle bulk bookings in key operational sites – many in remote areas. For one of our major mining clients in Australia, we built a custom solution for them so they could create an unprecedented 5,000 bookings in under three hours.”

Chris Andony, director of mining and resources commercial, Australia, Amex GBT

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), the world’s leading B2B travel platform, recently released its Energy, Mining, and Marine (EMM) travel management report. The safe movement of large and disparate EMM workforces – including mining and offshore rig workers and seafarers – is a complex process with many challenges. Effective and efficient travel management for these crews requires a particular blend of technology and specialist services. This report offers expert advice along with solutions and strategies available for EMM organisations so they can optimise their (crew) travel programs. It also shares insights on special discount airfares, virtual payments, and sustainability initiatives. Download White Paper

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Integrating with Amex GBT means you gain a global partner to co-create business value, co-design sustainable futures, and co-develop travel innovations.

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