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Every business faces unique challenges managing corporate travel. That’s evidenced in specialized sectors such as healthcare or technology. Yet, with Amex GBT Select, you get what you need. The solution is flexible enough to integrate with platforms you already have in place. To fill gaps, choose the tools and travel services that work best for you.

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Once again, technology has helped us reduce company and travel risk while providing a better experience for travelers and travel agents.
Eric Bailey - Microsoft
Out of all our TMCs you have been the only one proactively sending in pre-trip reporting which enabled us to decide on the next steps.
Travel Manager - Pharmaceutical Company

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Travel Connections

Make the trip seamless

Whether it’s booking a complex trip with lots of moving parts or simply getting notified about a gate number change, give your travelers an experience that’s personal, proactive, and always ready to go.

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Neo™ Unified Travel and Expense

Get a booking and expense system that’s so versatile everyone from travelers to travel managers to finance teams can use it.

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All-In-One Travel App

Use the app to stay on top of the details of all your trips and contact traveler support, either online or on the phone.

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Travel tools and technology

Manage travel your way

Booking and Expenses with Neo™

Make booking and claiming travel expenses easy with a single system that's set up according to your company's rules and travel policy.

Travel tools and technology

Manage travel your way

Insights to savings

With in-depth reporting tools, you can explore the benefits of policy changes, see what peer companies are spending on travel, even monitor carbon emissions.

Travel tools and technology

Manage travel your way

Policy compliance

A tightly run travel policy is great but how do you know if travelers are following it? With our auditing tool, you create your company’s approval workflow that can boost travel policy participation.

Travel tools and technology

Manage travel your way

Risk Management

Being prepared for a disruption can make a world of difference. You’ll be able to identify safety threats, learn which travelers are affected and communicate fast.

Travel tools and technology

Manage travel your way

Alternate payment

You can set spend limits and increase bookings with preferred hotels through our virtual payment method ‒ the logical choice for travelers without a corporate credit card.

The Travel Manager Toolbox

See how our range of travel tools can work together to help you provide a smoother, more productive experience for your travelers, all the while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Let's get specific

A travel service for your industry

Get solutions designed to meet the unique demands of your industry.

Health sciences

Collaborate across your industry and drive health equity with cutting-edge technologies and always-on service.

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Energy, mining, and marine

Manage the complexities of planning and booking crew rotations to remote locations while supporting your travelers’ well-being.

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Consulting services

Because supporting your clients is key to your business, you’ll be backed with tools that promote agility and foster collaboration.

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Finance companies

Invest in a travel partner that continuously strives to get you the most value from business travel.

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Entertainment, media and sports

Imagine moving your cast and crew to and from locations without getting weighed down by complex details.

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