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Fueling the Way Forward

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Together, we can help accelerate the industry’s journey to Net-Zero emissions

American Express Global Business Travel’s (Amex GBT) commitment to combat climate change is more important than ever. Air travel accounts for approximately 2.5% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions – and we need to collectively act now.1 That’s why, together with Shell Aviation, we are working to increase the demand and supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a lower carbon alternative to conventional jet fuel.

Together, Amex GBT and Shell will provide companies with access to SAF, cutting-edge measurement tools, and knowledgeable consultants to help guide your travel program optimization. You’ll receive SAF environmental attributes to reflect the carbon reduction benefits of your investment, which is managed through Avelia, the first blockchain powered book and claim tool, built by Shell Aviation, Accenture, and Energy Web Foundation.

By joining our program, you will have access to Avelia’s three key features including:

A personalized dashboard that provides full transparency and control over your data.


Trackable and verifiable emissions saved from the production and use of SAF.


Bespoke calculators to help you set air travel emissions targets that best suit your circumstances such as budgets and targets.


Elevate relationships with preferred airline suppliers.

Make a meaningful commitment toward sustainable business travel.

Create a transparent, credible way to reduce the emissions from travel.

Benefit from the experience and competency of Amex GBT and Shell Aviation.

Benefit from the environmental attributes of SAF to help meet your sustainability goals.

Reducing New Carbon Emissions with SAF

SAF is made from renewable and sustainable resources that can be mixed with fossil-based jet fuel to reduce emissions. As a ‘drop-in’ fuel, it can be used with no modifications needed to the aircraft or other infrastructure. Plus, it’s already in use.


This clean fuel is recognized by experts as the most promising solution to accelerate the aviation sector’s transition to a low-carbon future. It’s also available for use right now, while other forms of alternative propulsion technologies likely won’t be ready at scale for decades.

Our Commitment to A Sustainable Future

Amex GBT signed the World Economic Forum Clean Skies for Tomorrow ambition statement to achieve 10% SAF by 2030.3 This requires a collaborative approach from all parts of the aviation ecosystem.

Getting Ready for Take Off

Joining our SAF program will provide your company with an opportunity to meet its sustainability goals, by providing expert guidance, consultation, and the right tools.

When investing in SAF, you’ll not only help meet your company’s environmental goals, but also act as a game-changer in creating a more sustainable world.

Let's Talk about SAF

We welcome you to embark upon this decarbonization journey with us. Take the next step in climate action with Amex GBT.

Get started

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