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Production travel for film, media, and sports industries When the trip must go on, we go all out to make it happen


Given all the complexities of production travel, you need specialists with insights on the nuances of your business whether you work in entertainment, media, publicity, or sports. So, if you need to block rooms for your film crew or have a stadium of fans waiting, you’ll have the connections and know-how to pull the trip off seamlessly. That’s why many of the top companies in your field use us as their travel solution.




Whether you’re filming a box-office release or a TV season finale, you’ll be able to manage all the complex requirements of production teams and talent. Through us, you get a 24/7, 360° experience that covers all your pre- to post-production needs: planning, visa and passport services, on-trip support, post-trip analytics, and much more.


With production teams coming and going, you need the backing of a travel leader to make sure everything flows into place. Through our connections and resources, you can stay on top of it all, whether you need to source and book an amazing suite for a photo shoot or send a massive camera crew to a breaking news event that impacts the world.


Take a lot off your plate by getting everything you need to plan and book for season standings. And when the end of season brings a last-minute rush, you’ll have your flights and hotel all worked out, thanks to our industry connections, so you can kick back and enjoy the game.

Publicity and promotions

Get help with everything from press junkets to event plans. With our services, you’ll have everything handled whether you need volumes of hotel bookings or an unforgettable, multi-hub event. From pre-trip to post-event, you can be confident that we’ll maintain the highest level of confidentiality for your talent and your teams.


Scheduling tours is a juggling act of reserving rooms in multiple locations, yet it’s second nature to us. We help you streamline it all. Through our relationships with key vendors and suppliers around the world, you get access to unrivaled choice in flights and hotels, plus the most attractive terms, agreements, and rates that are out there.

The best part of working with us is how we blend in seamlessly with your business, customizing our services in the best ways possible for you. That could mean we provide concierge treatment for top talent or we go through months of rehearsals to coordinate the movement of news anchors, camera crews, and production teams, in anticipation of a world event. Get a better picture of how you’ll benefit:

Better manage production travel

Put time back in your day with an automated booking system that lets you book flights, hotels, and vehicles for hundreds of people at a time. Instead of spending days booking teams, you can do it in minutes.


Get support for excess baggage

All the excess baggage that comes with news and sports crews calls for careful prep. Leave that with us. We’ll work with airline media desks to best manage the heavy loads so that crews can get in and out of the airport quickly and you can take advantage of special media rates.


Help contractors navigate through the trip easily

For all your contractors that need an easy way to book their hotel, they’ll have virtual payment cards integrated in your booking system, so you have insight on their location. Since camera crews need to board the flight with their cameras, we’ll arrange for them to board first. And if any of your teams need assistance, they can reach out to us 24/7.


Handle last-minute scheduling without the hassle

We regularly monitor world events so we can quickly hold seats on flights when you need last-minute flights. On arriving, we’ll even organize a quick clearing through airport if needed. And the fact that we have long-standing relationships with airlines and hotels is another big plus when you need immediate bookings.


Minimize travel risk for reporters

When reporters need to be at a risky location, we have routing strategies to minimize risk and get them to the front line, so they can get their story out there. Want to follow up on their safety? You’ll have a dashboard tool that lets you pinpoint their location at any given moment.


Make your finance teams happy

With production costs rising, it helps knowing you’ll get pre-negotiated rates on flights, cars, and hotels. You can maximize your savings with group air rates, plus special baggage rates for production teams. Curious about available tax incentives? We’ll work with your accountant to address all possible credits, so you can derive maximum benefits.


Bring it all together through one TMC

Managing trips and events separately can be costly and inefficient, yet it doesn’t have to be. You can optimize your business by having us streamline it all for you.

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