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Travel management for finance companies Power your business with a high-performance travel program

Building connections through travel is the key to cultivating new business in a competitive industry like finance.
We’re here to get you started.

Get a step-by-step system for well-managed travel

With cost-saving tools for managers and reliable support for your travelers, your teams will be better equipped to use travel as an investment in business growth. And since cleaner travel is the key to sustain that growth, you’ll have key insights on carbon emissions to help you make greener choices. Here’s an overview of what it’s like to have business travel managed through us.



The trip connects seamlessly for travelers

You scheduled several meetings in Phoenix next month. Now you need to book the trip.

Check Travel Vitals® for updated destination information. Log on to your online booking and expense tool to book the most carbon-efficient trip with discounts on a flight, hotel, and car. A pre-trip estimate helps you stay on-budget and a pre-trip approval system creates a simple workflow to make sure bookings are in policy. After your booking, rate-search technology shops for lower rates on your flight and hotel and finds a similar, cheaper room, saving you $80 on a 2-night stay.1

Day of departure, you arrive at airport early, have a seat and get organized.

Open your Amex GBT Mobile app to see the latest updates to your itinerary and check in to your flight. An expandable map provides a close up view of your hotel’s surrounding location and the app’s know-before-you-go card briefs you on health and safety information at each of your destinations.

Your message system alerts you that your flight cancelled and makes rebooking a cinch.

See three alternative flight options in a text message. Tap one option and get connected to a travel counselor who books the flight. Then send the link with your new flight details to your family and colleagues.

1 Savings is for example purposes only. Actual savings may be higher or lower depending on availability. Like-for-like matching is configured based on similar room type, bed type, breakfast, cancellation policy, concierge, and accessibility.

Greater insights for managers

You learn of a severe dust storm outside of Phoenix. Are travelers affected?

Log on to your risk management dashboard and – from a map – see that travelers are far enough away from the storm.

Your budget meeting is next week. You’ll need proof that travel spend is on budget.

Compare actual and planned spend on your reporting dashboard and benchmark spend against that of industry peers. To maximize savings, learn if any tax credits are available.

Your company has sustainability targets. Can you meet them?

Learn how to source and plan for sustainable meetings. Identify greener transport options, report on emissions, and invest in a cleaner future through sustainable aviation fuel.

Use travel to strengthen corporate culture

Gathering dispersed employees for in-person meetings helps bolster team culture and studies show that culture is key to a company’s long-term success. Wondering how to start? Consider a unified solution to travel and meetings management. You’ll have greater oversight of your spend and your travelers.

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Get our clients’ perspective

To get a better idea of the quality service you’ll be provided, read what our financial clients have to say and learn how they overcame obstacles, thanks to American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT).

A hotel chain declined to refund prepaid, restricted rate hotel rooms for 2 VIPs. Amex GBT’s travel counselor persisted and was able to recover $4078.13 from the hotel for these nonrefundable rates. The travel counselor worked with hotel representatives for almost a month to obtain the refund.

US banking company

An airline refused to refund 2 tickets in business class and travel manager was unable to get the airline’s representative to waive the nonrefundable penalty. Amex GBT’s travel counselor worked diligently with the airline and was able to obtain a full refund in a total amount of $8215.90.

US banking company

I have had such great experiences working with Amex GBT’s travel counselors. I have had to cancel many trips due to the pandemic and they have been absolutely fantastic, making the process extremely easy. I am very grateful for the excellent customer service I have received. Thank you!

US accounting consulting firm

Dive deeper into a financial client’s success

When a leading financial enterprise came to us, they had multiple travel policies and more than half of their travelers were booking trips outside of policy. That all changed for the better with our support and technologies.